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Parent class: Module

Parent classes: CrossMapLRN, MapLRN, LCN

This module does not implement any operations, but setves as the basis for local response normalization modules.

There are two types of local normalization layers:

  • inter-channel normalization;
  • intra-channel normalization.

The only difference between them is the area of normalization. In the intra-channel LRN, a 2D neighborhood is determined within one channel, whereas in the inter-channel LRN, the spatial neighborhood is limited to one element, while normalization occurs along a certain neighborhood of the channels.

This normalization technique in general practically does not affect the final result, therefore it is considered obsolete.


def __init__(self, N=5, alpha=1e-4, beta=0.75, K=2.0, name=None):


Parameter Allowed types Description Default
N int Number of elements to normalize 5
alpha float Bias 1e-4
beta float Scale parameter 0.75
K float Incremental coefficient 2.0
name str Layer name None


See descendant classes.